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A community to post recommendations for fanfiction related to Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series.
Welcome to twilightficrecs, a community for sharing recommendations of fanfiction related to Stephenie Meyer's awesome "Twilight" series - Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • No flaming/dissing of various 'ships: we're all adults and can have fun, right?

  • Recs only: this isn't a fic promotion/posting community or a requests comm - there are other comms available for that.

  • Discussion: of a particular fic is welcome however please keep it in the comments/replies to the particular entry where the story was originally recommended.

  • Multiple recs: are welcome! You can include more than one recommendation in a post, just remember to use the LJ-cut for any long posts.

  • Correct posting format:
    Subject Line (of LJ post): "Story Title" [Rating of story] (you must include a rating)

    (Body of LJ post)
    Story: Title by Author's Name [Rating of the story]
    Summary: (summary provided by the author)
    Characters/Pairings: (characters and/or pairings that are in the fic - may be multiple values, eg edward/bella, charlie)
    Categories: (categories the story falls into - may be multiple, eg drama, romance, post-eclipse, one-shot)
    Warnings: (warnings that apply to the story - may be multiple, eg work in progress, rated nc-17)

    Reason for recommendation: (why do you think this should be read?)

  • Tagging posts: Please don't tag your posts. The community admin will be doing this.

  • Spoilers: should be labelled appropriately and LJ-cut. For the time being, anything referring to the events in 'Breaking Dawn' (ie the fourth book in the series) will be considered a spoiler. Spoiler warnings are no longer required. Anything related to Breaking Dawn is now considered fair game.

More information on the community can be found in the Welcome post and also the FAQ post. Please read these posts before joining and posting.

Community Creator & Maintainer: sg1padawan

Questions? Comments? Contact sg1padawan @ sg1padawan[at]gmail[dot]com.