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Story:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6033591/1/The_Not_So_Short_Second_Life_of_Bree_Tanner
by http://www.fanfiction.net/u/140248/Oy_Angelina

Summary: An alternate take on what could have been if Eclipse ended a little differently for Bree Tanner and what she might have done with her new lease on life. Features the Cullens, the Volturi, the La Push Pack and many other favorites from the Twilight Saga
The Volturi is the only life Alec has known, Jane is the one person he ever loved and control is the definition of his being. Too bad Alec might not know himself as well as he thinks... - A teenage love story 350 years in the making.
(two stories, paired to compliment each other.  Best if read together.)

Characters/Pairings:  Bree/Alec, among others.

Categories:  Alternate Universe, friendship

Warnings:  Work-in-Progress.  May cause your head to explode. 

Rated: Mild 'T'.


"What are you doing?" Alec asked while watching my paranoid performance.
"Checking to make sure everything's still here," I said, wiggling my fingers and toes just for that added reassurance. That was when I noticed what was on my feet. "Did you put these sandals on me when you were using your ability on me?"
The edge to my voice made Alec wary. "Yes. You didn't have any on when…"
"You rendered me helpless and kidnapped me?" I suggested savagely. This wasn't new knowledge but it still upset me and learning Alec did more than just relocate me in my oblivious state made me feel deeply uncomfortable. If I was still capable of blushing I would have done it then out of embarrassment and anger. My voice came out shriller than I intended. "What else did you do when you were using your roofi powers?"
Alec's eyes popped wide as he drew a sharp breath over my words. The satisfaction of Alec's shock was short-lived, though, as his expression clouded over like a fast-brewing storm.
"Roofie powers?" Alec spat back as his tightly knit self-control began to unravel. "Exactly what are you implying? Do you think I molested you?"

Reasons for Recommendation:

The rare instance of truely orrigional work that dosen't step on anyone's toes, metephoricaly speaking, yet provides all the angst and romance that Twilighters look for.  Also, humor.
For those of us who are tired of the shipping wars.


please please please update soon. i LOVE your story.